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 The Bed - Hot - Red Fur

 The Bed - Hot - White Fur

 The Bed - Hot - Gray Fur







 The Bed - Invisible - Gray Fur

The Bed - Invisible - White Fur

 The Bed - Invisible - Red Fur







 The Bed - Simple- White Fur

 The Bed - Simple - Red Fur

 The Bed - Simple - Gray Fur




Fashionable Designer Dog Beds

Designed for pets who appreciate design

Have you ever thought about your dog having his own special place? Everybody has a personal spot for rest and recharge, so a lot of people understand that pets have them too. It is essential for pets to have their own bed, and the most comfortable one at that.

Animals have a natural instinct to have somewhere to curl up and conserve energy. A place in the warm sun is good for relaxation, but not always. Come at night and in weather-beaten days, a good, luxurious bed sounds as heavenly to your dog as it sounds to you. For a dog, it would be home, a petís sweet home within your own home.

The Petbitat Bed Series

We at Petbitat take it a step, or rather a paw step, further. Our dog beds are lovingly designed to fit ultimate comfort factors for your pet while being a perfectly elegant piece in your own home. We design pet furniture - and we are fond of eye candy. We aim for style and class without compromising function, comfort and care for our little ones. Indeed, what could ever be better? Each and every one of our series was meticulously designed, made, and even tested by our own pets (we feel for their seal of approval you know).

The Geo is our newest pride and joy in our line of dog beds. We took the spherical shape inspiration from the concept of nests and nooks occurring in nature. It offers safety and privacy that just sounds perfect for small apartments or large houses with many people. We designed it as a respite- a private den. Dogs need their own space at times, and this gorgeous creation will please any puppy.

One look at The Stage and you perfectly know who is it for- the diva. The simplistic but tastefully modern platform concept enables your pet to move with freely and still remain comfortable. Breezy, this lounge unleashes the star that is within our every pet. It is display material regardless if your dog is in it or not.

The Bubble is our classic, the first child of Petbitat dog beds. Its inspiration and origins dates back to the time when Petbitat the company is in the works, and we want to make pet beds that are tasteful and still functional, just because so many of the designs we were seeing did not live up to our lofty standards. Made for warmth and coziness, this is perfect for pets who love to curl up.  The Bubble has gained attention all over the world. Once seen, it is wanted.

New in the Petbitat pet accessories line is the The Couch Cover Ė Loft, a protective shield that comes in a variety of colors for your couch from any unwanted dirt, smells and spills. This washable quilted pad we think is the most sensible and stylish solution yet for owners who love to cuddle and relax with pets on the couch.

The superb choice for comfort and style

But what is an excellent choice for a pet bed really? Well, a superb dog bed supports the back, bones and joints, especially for those dogs who are beyond 7 years of age. Regardless of the size of your dog or pet, she needs a bed where she can lie down comfortably. This means ample space. Pet-friendly material is the next factor, meaning that the materials used should be good and unharmful for her.

Then you want to think practically. We want ease of use, ease of entry, sturdiness and ease in cleaning. All of these are checked boxes when we release a design. We are insistent on this, and so should you.

Then finally, what everybody else lacks- impeccable design. We want our beds to stand out just because of a simple reason that every pet lover will understand- we are proud of our companions in life. We all admit to talking about them just like a parent talks about his/her kid. We are unabashedly proud.

And that is Petbitat. We are proud and in love with our pets. And our designer pet products reflect this simple, but universal notion that our companions deserve the best.



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