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Safe and Stylish Dog Harness

Dog harness – Walking your dog with style

For the longest time, our canine pals have been tamed and trained with the help of trusty dog harnesses. Historically, the harness has come a long way from colder climates to the glamour of the city.

Harnesses were originally used for sledding; the harnesses were strapped to packs of sled-dogs and were used for communication for the ease of transportation.  Today, the harness has now become the “it” thing for every dog owners, because without it, gaining control of the pup, and a very energetic pup at that, becomes a lot tougher.

With the advent of the city dwellers and the metropolis, the harness has also evolved from an inelegant tool to a fashion statement for every beloved dog. Petbitat understands this: the harness is a sturdy piece of thing that must retain function while giving that “something extra” look.     

Advantages of the dog harness

Dog harnesses’ structure provides a much-needed support for any type of dog, big or small. Does your baby have respiratory conditions? You should know that harnesses do not wind around a dog’s throat, eliminating any chance of your dog choking or suffer from constricted breathing.

And there are so many styles, makes and lengths to choose from, that sometimes, the more fun way to choose if your pup looks happy and comfortable in it.

Give your dog a stylish accessory from Petbitat

Much like an ill-fitting dress, the wrong dog accessory will affect your dog’s health which will make him look and feel bad.  Couple this with a dowdy-looking accessory, then who would want to look like that? As an in-the-know dog owner, you should keep your friend in style and also attend to his health. As a trusted pet boutique, we are a bit of a secret in the community: our selection of stylish dog harnesses are highly coveted- the type you see in a darling pup and make you just ask where you can get one.



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